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Am I Discerning the Lord's Voice?

Are you having problems discerning the Lord's Voice?

Samuel Elijah Prophetic College and the International

Fivefold School of Ministry is your call to destiny...

Imparting how to discern the Lord's voice and sense His touch. 



The Samuel Elijah Prophetic College  is open to all believers who have had prior 'Basic Bible Doctrine.'  SEPC is open to anyone who desires to be taught, trained, activated and matured in hearing God's voice. 


The main Prophetic Course is a two-year course comprised of four -12 week sessions. 

The curriculum is not limited to those who stand in the Office of the Prophet or the Prophetess.  (Prophetic 1 and 2, are the required courses for graduation).  


Prophetic 1 course gives an overview of the prophetic in the context of the local church.  

Prophetic 2 course goes in depth, putting the prophetic into its proper setting in the local church and provides an examination of the prophetic in the original languages, with all of its proper usages.  The grace of the Seer is shared in its role. 



The International Fivefold School of Ministry 


We offer Ordination for Ministers who have a calling to the Prophetic or Apostolic Office, and have completed the Prophetic Track or the Apostolic Track respectively.  This also includes mentoring of budding Apostles, Prophets, and Prophetess while completing your course work.   



30 years

Year Established


School of Apostles & Prophets

monthly activations, mandatory for students and open to the public

1. January 7, 2021

2. February 4, 2021

3. March 4, 2021

4. April 1, 2021

5. May 6, 2021

6. June 3, 2021

(Summer Schedule) 

7. July 8, 2021

(Summer Schedule) 

8. August 5, 2021

(Summer Schedule) 

(SEPC Fall - 2021 School Year)

9. September 2, 2021

10. October 7, 2021

11. November 4, 2021

12. December 2, 2021




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501 West King Street

Philadelphia, PA 19144

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